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Hello! This site is ran by a couple of gamer geeks who also run a small farm. We needed a place to store all of the information we use without having to scour the internet for things we may have come across but then forgot where we found the information. So we decided to put up a website so that not only could WE have the information, but maybe someone else would find the information useful as well.

We’d like to form a small farm “community” hence the name of the site, however we also recognize that there are already a ton of them out there… and they’re not all that active. Additionally, when a site is forum driven, a lot of great information gets buried under other forum posts and the same questions get asked over and over. While posts will still get buried under other posts in our current format, we believe that the information is more easily found in a blog format.

So pull up a chair and hopefully you can learn something in our sharing of information. If you have a question on something you don’t see here, please feel free to contact us and we’ll try to get some information up.

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