Beneficial Garden Insects

While there are a lot of insects that can and will hurt your garden plants, there are also insects that can be beneficial to your plants. Attracting these insects will help to protect your plants from harmful insects and cause your garden to thrive.

Attacting beneficial bugs will happen on their own if your plants flower and blossom. Grow a variety of flowers that produce nectar year-round and flowering herbs.

There are a couple main groups of beneficial insects, ones that polinate your garden, predators that will hunt the harmful insects, and ones that use the bad bugs to lay their eggs which when hatched the larvae will kill the host bug.

Ladybugs are great for the garden. A ladybug larva will eat aphids.

Green Lacewings feed on pollen and nectar, which will help polinate your plants. Larvae will suck the juices out of insects with soft bodies that are eating your plants.

Praying Mantis will eat grasshoppers, but having too many will also kill off your beneficial bugs.

Spiders are great for catching and killing other bugs, but they will also kill off your good bugs.

Beetles are great for eating other bugs.

Bees and hoverflies are great for polinating.

Parasitic wasps come in different varieties, some will lay eggs on catepillars and hornworms, others will lay eggs within the eggs of other bugs.

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