Blackberries, Growing Guide

Easy to grow fruiting plant, though susceptible to a widespread virus. There are different type of blackberries that can produce different strength of flavors and shapes.

Green Beans, Growing Guide

Pole and bush varieties are available. Green beans are tender and can be eaten fresh off the plant or used in recipes. The difference between pole and bush beans are that bush beans are more compact and do not require support, whereas pole beans need something for support.

Cucumbers, Growing Guide

Warm season vegetables that enjoy full sun and plenty of water. They can come in a vining or bush variety and are easy to grow.

Summer Squash / Zucchini, Growing Guide

Seasonal vegetable that can grow plenty of vegetables with few crops. As a summer squash variety, it is not as storage friendly as a winter squash, nor does it like frost or high heat.

Tomatoes, Growing Guide

Vining bushy plant that can be easy to grow with plenty of vegetables if properly cared for and maintained. Can be a pain though since many fungi, viruses and bugs like to destroy this plant.

Okra, Growing Guide

Popular southern plant that grows easily and thrives in warm climates. It blooms into beautiful flowers and is high in vitamin A.

Peppers, Growing Guide

Peppers grow in the warm seasons and come in hot, sweet and mild varieties. They are very resistant to pests and grow in many colors and shapes. They are great for sauces and flavoring or eating fresh.

Cantaloupe, Growing Guide

A hearty fruit that grows during the warm and hot seasons. Due to its long growing season, it can produce numerous fruits and is vary easy to grow, even growing wilding in compost heaps or spreading out over the ground.

Watermelon, Growing Guide

Juicy fruits that thrive in warm temperatures. They have a long growing season and can mature in just a couple months.

Strawberries, Growing Guide

Sweet and juicy fruit that can be eaten off the plant or used in a variety of recipes from drinks to desserts. The fresher the berry the sweeter the juice. Some varieties can grow continuously, and fruit in either the spring, summer or fall depending on the type.