Chives, Growing Guide

Chives are a perennial that belong to the onion family. They blossom into purple flowers that resemble pom-poms.

Oregano, Growing Guide

Oregano is a perennial that will have small purple and white flowers. It is often used in Italian meals.

Basil, Growing Guide

Very bushy and leafy plant that is easy to grow and used in Italian meals. Only grows in the summer. The most commonly known variety is Sweet Basil.

Cilantro, Growing Guide

A fast-growing herb that grows in the spring and fall during the cooler months. In the summer it will still grow but will be very bitter. Can be self-seeding if allowed to. The entire plant is edible and is used in many different recipes. The seeds (coriander) can also be harvested for use in recipes or replanting.

Parsley, Growing Guide

Biennial plant, similar to dill. Used in garnishes, soups, sauces, salads rich in vitamins such as iron, A and C. Using parsley in dishes also reduces the need for salting.

Mint, Growing Guide

Perennial plant with tiny flowers that can be purple, pink or white. Very fruity and fragrant. There are numerous varieties of mint plants ranging from classic mint, chocolate mint, spearmint etc. Used in candies, teas, coffees, cool drinks, desserts and meals.